Friends of BWW

The Friends of BWW has been an integral part of the school community for many years. Our primary aim is to support and advance the education of the children in the school.

The Committee works hard to create fun events that raise funds for the school. This ensures that we can support the teaching staff with the provision of additional resources and technology that may not otherwise be available to them. Events and activities are undertaken throughout the year and include events in support of charities. These events provide the children with the opportunity to reflect on the circumstances of others less fortunate than themselves and foster a sense of social responsibility.

However, our School Association is about much more than simply fundraising. It is an excellent way to bring staff, pupils, parents, friends and the community as a whole together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal.

All parents and members of the school community are encouraged to get involved. All families are automatically members of the Bishop William Ward School Association when their child joins our school and we value any offer of support whether it be in the form of time, skills, ideas or useful contacts.


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