Helping your child with their learning


Remote Learning

During periods of isolation or in the event of a school closure, remote learning will be run using the Class Dojo (Y1-6) and Tapestry (Foundation) platforms.  

Teachers will post four lessons each day.  Videos will be recorded that explain the task and work will be set for the children to complete and hand in.  Teachers will give feedback on the work submitted and will be available throughout the day on the messenger services to respond to questions and comments.

Collective worship will be posted on the Class Dojo school story and will be emailed as a web link to parents in Foundation Stage.

If parents wish to supplement the work set by the school, they can use the information below and have been signposted to the BBC and Oak Academy provision.

Further details are available in our Remote Learning Policy, which is available here.



Please take time to read with your child and to your child – it is the most important thing you can do to help them with their learning.  Don’t stop when they become independent readers – ask them questions about what they are reading or share a book together, reading alternate chapters. 

Sometimes parents/carers are concerned that the methods used in school to work out mathematical calculations are not the same as the ones used when they were at school.  To help overcome this problem, we have produced a Calculation Policy, explaining the methods used at Bishop William Ward.  We also invite parents in to see how the children are being taught.  One thing that hasn’t changed is learning times tables.  The new curriculum expectations are that all children have learned their times tables to 12 x 12 by the time they finish Year 4. 



We are now using Times Tables Rock Stars!  Click the logo to be taken to the site. 


Click the links below for times tables games and activities:


In school we use the online software Purple Mash.  The children have their own logins, so they can play the games & complete many other educational activities.  Click the link below to take you there.


Click here to view our 'Four Rules Policy' .  This is a document that explains how your child will be taught each of the four mathematical operations throughout their time in school.


Here are some other websites that you might find useful when helping your child with their learning:

Reading and phonics support

Ideas to support your child's learning 

BBC  - video clips and activities for all ages


Home learning ideas during school closure: - Video lessons with activity sheets for Years 1-8 - Science experiments.  Adult supervision may be required! - Geography learning.  Try to link with the curriculum maps from the school website (, or just follow you child's interest! - Horrible History!  Again, you can try to link to what your child has learned/will learn in History by looking at the curriculum maps - Writing.  A daily picture to inspire and suggestions for writing tasks. - Music resources, games and ideas. - Challenges, mindfulness, learning resources - Questions to develop thinking skills - Phonics games - Telling the time game (scroll down) - Money game - KS2 SATs style problems with links to video tutorials on YouTube - Colchester Firstsite Gallery have a pack to download with different ideas for art projects.  The pack is for Primary and Secondary pupils, so you will need to decide which activity suits your child best.


More useful websites:

Information about schools in Essex and much more

Road safety

Find out about our local churches

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) 

Find out about how to keep your child safe on line