Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to the school to support children from low-income families who are currently eligible for free school meals and children who have been ‘looked after’ continuously for more than six months.

At Bishop William Ward, the barriers to learning that we have identified for children are a combination of social, emotional and academic needs.  We seek to provide support that meets these needs, taking each child as an individual.  We review our provision termly and measure the progress of provision through a range of assessment strategies.  Currently, our provision includes:

  • Providing tuition for groups and individuals focused on identified gaps in Maths or English learning
  • Providing funding for teachers to engage in the research-based 'Visible Learning' programme
  • Additional hours for staff to support children in well-being issues
  • Additional hours for staff to run small intervention groups for identified children
  • Resourcing for the curriculum needs of the school for identified groups of children
  • Supporting the work of a play therapist
  • Using the Dogs for Development initiative
  • Paying for a family support worker
  • Funding extra speech therapy sessions and training
  • Accessing support from 'The Change Project', an organisation offering therapeutic sessions for individual children
  • Running 'Gym Trail' sessions to help children master fine and gross motor skills
  • Supporting costs of school visits and other extended educational experiences
  • Enabling groups to engage in Forest School learning

The 2017-18 allocation was £66,211. 

The way in which our school is assessing the curriculum requires children to make 6 steps of progress each year.  The average progress for children triggering Pupil Premium funding through 2017-18 was:

 Reading 5.8 steps
 Writing 6 steps
 Maths 5.5 steps


The 2018-19 allocation is £57,923.