There are seven classes and these are arranged in single year groups. The teacher for each class is responsible for the children's work, although they may at times be working with other teachers or teaching assistants in other parts of the school.




The gates are opened at 8.40am and school commences for all children at 8.50am and ends at 3.10pm

Lunch break is from 12.15 to 1.15pm.  There is a 15 minute morning break for all children and a 15 minute afternoon break for Key Stage One pupils.




The children should always enter and leave the school grounds through the large double playground gates.  If a child arrives after 8.50am, the gates will be shut and they must report to the School Office to be registered.

At the end of the day, the gates are opened again at 3pm and parents should gather in the playground, where the children will be brought out by the school staff. It is very important that your child knows who is collecting them and if for any reason arrangements change, please make sure you let the School Office know by 2.30pm. Permission slips need to be signed if you wish your child to walk home alone - these are available from the School Office.

If the adult collecting your child is late, your child will be with a member of staff in the School Office.





If your child is unwell, please ring the School Office before 9.20am on the first day of absence. If your child has been vomiting or suffered with diarrhoea then medical advice is that the child should not return to school for 48 hours after the last attack.

It is very important that parents do not take children on holiday during term time. The school’s policy is not to authorise holidays taken in term time; government legislation states that schools can only authorise absence from school during term in exceptional circumstances. Any applications for absence should be made on the appropriate form, available from the School Office, accompanied by a covering letter explaining the reason for the request.

Please notify the school office of any medical appointments during the school day.





Only prescribed medication can be administered.

Medication to be administered must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and class.

Parents must complete and sign the school’s ‘request to administer medication’ form.

Medicines will be stored in the school office.

A responsible adult must bring and collect medicines to/from the school office.




A number of children in the school have nut allergies, therefore nuts in any form are not to be brought into school (this includes children's individual lunch boxes that may contain items of food such as peanut butter, Nutella, snack nuts, cakes or biscuits that contain nuts).




At Bishop William Ward we have a School Council that represents the views of all pupils to help improve our school. Every September, each class (from Years 2 - 6) elects 2 members from their class to represent them. We try to meet at least once a week to discuss any improvements and suggestions that have been put forward by pupils and staff. The School Council has initiated ideas such as playground rules, outdoor activities, fundraising ideas and selecting the school meals menu. We also work closely with the School Councils from two other local primary schools on joint projects to share ideas on how to make our schools better.




Parent/Teacher consultation evenings are arranged in the autumn and spring terms. These consultations allow both teachers and parents to understand their children better and to monitor individual progress.  Any issues at other times can be dealt with immediately or by appointment.  An annual written report for each child is sent to parents towards the end of the Summer term.




There is a range of after-school clubs available to the children.  These offer a rich and varied extra-curricular experience for the pupils.  Letters will come out to parents informing them of the clubs and permission slips need to be returned by a specific date.  In the case of over-subscription, we draw names from a hat.  Parents are informed via email if their children have got a place or not.






 Mr Toby Bull                                             Headteacher

 Mrs Kelly Holliday                                    Deputy Headteacher

 Mrs Susan Sanderson

 Mrs Sally Smith

 Mrs Nikki Davis

 Mrs Emily Hale

 Mrs Shelley Whitney

 Miss Camilla East

 Mrs Karen Tracey

 Mrs Angela Richards

 Mr Simon Tidbury

 Mrs Jill Ivey

 Mrs Nicola Griffiths                                    Inclusion Manager 




 Mr Paul Grogan                                         Site Manager

 Mrs Tracy Chester                                     Office Manager

 Mrs Clare Cleverdon                                 Finance/Premises Manager

 Mrs Sally Cowley                                       Admin Assistant

 Mrs Jackie Cozens                                     Higher Level Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Kerry Collins                                       Higher Level Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Claire Wheatstone                            Higher Level Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Alison Lewis                                       Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Catherine Seymour                          Teaching Assistant 

 Mrs Ros Whymark                                    Teaching Assistant    

 Mrs Tracy Embleton                                 Teaching Assistant    

 Mrs Katrina Langhamer                           Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Julia Furey                                          Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Helen Phillips                                     Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Tammy Lowden                                 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Angela Jacobs                                    Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant

 Ms A McCormick                                       Teaching Assistant 

 Mrs Sharon Silversword                           Teaching Assistant

 Ms Margaret Maudling                            Teaching Assistant / Midday Assistant

 Mrs Julie Abery                                          Midday Assistant

 Mrs Sarah Lait                                           Midday Assistant

 Mrs Laura Woodhurst                              Midday Assistant

 Mrs Judy Bloice                                         Midday Assistant

 Miss Danni Murray                                   Senior Midday Supervisor

 Mr Tony Rothery                                       Catering Manager

 Miss Lisa Hinson                                       Cleaner / Catering Assistant